Easy 5 minute chocolate mug cake From GirlBeautyTips.Net

Easy 5 minute chocolate mug cake

5 minute chocolate mug cake

everyone love chocolate and what better than chocolate cake mug nothing!!

so i was playing around in the Kitchen leaving my beauty geek and try something different

so i make this cute 5 minute chocolate mug cake  that take no time delicious

anyone can make it so without further

here is the 5 minute chocolate mug cake recipe

you can find the recipe in GirlBeautyTips.Net

Friends Only ^_~

i f you want to be my Friends please comment here and i will add you :...
if you didnt i may not even add you back here..

SO welcome to my Journal

Layouts credit  to  okimiyage Thanks

ryo at jin concert 2.14

e3d2642a93d85cc9e7cd40ba.jpg picture by ryopii

 ^^ what a lovely friends
ryo at jin con again in 2.14 
i thought he`s filming now .. .
i wonder why he didno`t appear at pi concert ? 

and  some really Good News 

New NEWS single Sakura Girl  out in 3.24 Wooow 
Kanjani New Show in April 
the title is 冒険JAPAN!関ジャニ∞MAP it`s  their first national broadcast 

ちょんまげぷりん & one Rumor

ちょんまげぷりん book  ハート達(複数ハート)

this is the book for Ryo's movie ハート
i wish i could buy it .. i want to know the story ほっとした顔 ぴかぴか(新しい)  ...
so i can be more interesting in this movie ハート達(複数ハート)  or .. less 手(パー) あせあせ(飛び散る汗)

one Rumor

ryo will have new drama in TBS at Fridays 10.00 pm !!!!!!

if true ... This just will made an awesome year for ryo and his fans 目がハート